Working with children gives me energy



I find it very nice to see the development of children and the great variation between children. Every child develops in their own way and at their own pace. The specific disorders that occur in childhood and their treatment have also aroused my interest. That is why in 2017 I started following the master’s degree in children’s physiotherapy.

Working with children gives me a lot of energy. To get a child involved in the game, I provide variety and place myself in the child’s perception of the world. If this works, it makes me feel good. We are working in a fun way to solve the child’s problem. This creates a beautiful collaboration between therapist, child and parents. Often with good results. It is great to contribute to this as a children’s physiotherapist. I do not only treat the child, but I also have intensive contact with the parents and, if necessary, also with the school, general practitioner, remedial educationalist or other specialism.

I treat children from zero to eighteen years, for example infants with a preferred position or delayed motor development. Or children in toddler age with problems in fine motor skills or gross, but also orthopedic or neurological complaints. Children who are a bit older can also have these complaints, but they can also suffer sports injuries, for example.

By the way, I don’t just treat children. Adults also come to me, for example after knee or hip surgery, with a sports injury or with complaints related to work.

– Pediatric physiotherapist
– Pediatric pelvic physiotherapist
– Apply kinesiology tape according to the Easy Taping method.
– Treats complaints of the vestibular organ, for example Benign Paroxysmal Positional Dizziness (BPPD) and balance disorders as a result of a tumor in the vestibular organ.

– During her child physiotherapy training, she did an internship at a school for special primary education for children with severe physical disabilities.
– During her internship at the Bovenij hospital, she could regularly be found at the Mother Child Center (MKC). Here she treated, among other things, premature children and crying babies.

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