The problem is not that you don’t know what to do, but that you don’t do what you already know



After working in a large rehabilitation center for 12 years, I now want to work closer to home and help people in their own environment. Because revalidating in your own environment takes less time / energy, so more energy for recovery!

As a psychosomatic physiotherapist, my interest lies in people with chronic pain, fatigue and other persistent physical complaints (ALK).

Recent research shows that every pain or (nasty) sensation is made by your brain. It does this to protect you from various kinds of danger. Physical danger (pain from a broken leg) or mental danger (a child with a stomach ache who is being bullied). It’s nice that our brain protects us so well against “danger”. But also very annoying if you have chronic complaints because of this. Wherever the danger comes from: the complaints are always real and it can affect your whole life.

I would like to find out with you why your brain warns you with pain or other complaints. And look at how we can reduce these warnings and thus reduce the complaints. Through, among other things:
– Pain education ( and books: Understand the pain, Pain and the brain, My protective brain.)
– Provide insight into where your dangers lie? By creating a vicious circle together, we can see what is maintaining your complaints. (Unconscious thoughts, emotions and behavior)
– Brain training (
– Physical training
– Relaxation therapy
– Dance Physiotherapy (Moving to music)
– Relapse prevention plan to retain what you have learned about yourself.

– Psychosomatic physiotherapy for, among other things, chronic pain such as back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia or CRPS / chronic fatigue complaints / stress burnout complaints / functional neurological disorders (FNS) / post-Covid-19 rehabilitation
– Neurorehabilitation physiotherapy for MS and CVA, among others

– Mastered at basic level NmG+ (Dutch with Signs)
– Competence for various reserved medical actions: including suctioning and changing a tracheostomy tube
– Works for the KNGF to guarantee the quality of training for psychosomatic physiotherapists

BIG number:
– 99908658904

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