Physiotherapy at the highest level, that’s what we stand for


Physiotherapy at the highest level, that’s what we stand for. With specialized expertise, but also attention to, for example, privacy and a good complaints procedure.

  • Quality goes without saying for us
  • Complaints, privacy (GDPR), WGBO and quality policy
Quality goes without saying for us

Are you looking for a physiotherapist with expertise? A practice that is well organized, where you are welcomed in a friendly manner? It comes naturally to us. Physiotherapy at the highest level, that is what we stand for.

Don’t expect us to do ‘standard series work’. We look at your problem and the impact it has on your daily life. Professional customization in a pleasant atmosphere.

Our quality is evident in the many specialised treatments we offer. Each physiotherapists have their own specialization, from manual therapist to pelvic physiotherapist and from psychosomatic therapy to dry needling. Where expected, our specialist physiotherapists are certified and members of networks in their specialist field.

Complaints, privacy (GDPR), WGBO and quality policy

Quality is not only expressed in expert treatment, friendly treatment and good organization of the practice, but also in a good complaints procedure and good privacy regulations. Of course we also comply with the rights and obligations that apply to patients and practitioners by law. These rules are set out in the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO). You can read our quality policy in our annual report.

Your physiotherapist keeps a record of your medical and administrative data in order to perform your treatment as well as possible. The <strong>General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to this registration. This law contains rules regarding the purpose of the registration, the nature of the data that is registered, the management of the data, the persons who have access to that data and the patient’s right of inspection. All these matters are laid down in regulations.

Of course we handle the data with care. That is why, in addition to the aforementioned AVG, a number of rules have been laid down in a privacy policy. You can download this document on the right side of this page.

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