When a joint moves poorly or when movement is painful, manual therapy can offer a solution. Certified manual therapists work at Fysio Westerpark. Central to this therapy is the restoration of normal movement in the joints. The manual therapist applies special handles and techniques for this, vertebra for vertebra, joint for joint. The effects are often noticeable immediately after the treatment: the joints function better, movement is easier.

What is a manual therapist?

Niels Kwaaitaai and Esther Woonink are registered manual therapists. They are a physiotherapist who, after their training in physiotherapy, have followed a recognized training in manual therapy. To remain registered in the quality register of the Dutch Association for Manual Therapy, the manual therapist must undergo sufficient further training every year.

When to see a manual therapist?

Complaints that a manual therapist can treat include:

  • headache and neck pain in combination with poor movement of the spine;
  • neck and shoulder complaints with radiation to the arms;
  • low back complaints, whether or not with radiation to the legs;
  • high back pain, whether or not in combination with rib and chest pain;
  • dizziness when moving the neck;
  • jaw complaints, whether or not in combination with neck complaints;
  • hip complaints.

In addition to the manual techniques to improve the mobility of the joints, the manual therapist provides instructions, advice, guidance and insight into healthy exercise. Manual therapy takes into account the fact that every person is unique, including the way you move.

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