Do you experience complaints during or after exercise? FysioWesterpark offers physiotherapy for sports-related complaints. Together with you, the physiotherapist looks at the right treatment for your complaints. Do not wait too long with a known, recurring or acute complaint.

What are sports-related complaints?

A sports-related complaint or sports injury is often a result of overload. For example, due to an incorrect movement pattern or difference in balance and/or muscle function. Together with the patient, the physiotherapist examines which factor is the problem that maintains your complaint. This problem can be in the entire movement chain.

Common sports complaints:
– Heel spur and tendinitis
– Inversion trauma
– Whiplash
– Achilles tendinitis
– Knee tendon inflammation
– Shin splints
– Tennis elbow
– Golfer’s elbow
– Shoulder injury
– Tendonitis in the shoulder
– Hamstring injury
– Wrist injury


For an appointment you can call us, schedule an appointment online or send an email to The physiotherapist takes extensive time the first time to properly map out the problem, to investigate it and to treat it immediately. After the appointment, the physiotherapist will discuss the further plan with you.

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