Restoring balance between load and load capacity



I often see that the attention of patients is too much on load, while at that moment the load capacity leaves much to be desired. For example, resilience may be reduced because the work or sport demands more than the body can handle.

Perhaps that is why you visit the physiotherapist. The question then is: is the load too high for you or can your body – perhaps temporarily – handle less load. I help you with advice and exercises, so that balance is restored and the resilience of your body and mind increases again. Load then no longer causes overload.

I also try to keep my load capacity optimal. I exercise a lot during my work, I regularly cycle through the city and exercise four times a week. In addition, I pay attention to healthy food, sufficient relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

As a physiotherapist, I think it is important that we treat each other on an equal footing and together determine the goal you want to achieve. That goal can be reduction of pain, but also, for example, greater mobility, more muscle strength or a better posture. You retain control as much as possible, you also get to work to achieve that goal. In the beginning my input will often be somewhat greater, gradually you will play an increasingly active role. For example, maybe it is wise to adjust your lifestyle, strengthen or lose a few kilos.

I will give you the exercises we go through on paper or by email. If necessary, I will accompany you to your home, workplace or sports club at the end of the treatment period. Then we really look at the practice. Which postures or exercises help you to further recovery. This way you prevent a relapse, you can continue healthy.

– Exercise therapy (individual and group)
– Physiotherapy at home (home care physiotherapy)

– Called Pieter-Floris, but calls himself Pieter within the practice Fysio Westerpark for convenience.
– Works part of the day every day in the ‘outdoor practice’ (physiotherapy at home for patients who cannot come to the practice)
– Works in practice on Monday and Thursday evenings.

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