Most of the time, the development of a child proceeds naturally. Children often learn new skills through play. However, in some cases some extra help is needed. The children’s physiotherapist specializes in motor development (the development of movement) between the ages of 0 and 18.

If you have any questions or problems in this area, Berber Vonk, our children’s physiotherapist, can offer help and provide expert advice about your child’s movement functioning. You can think of problems in fine motor skills, gross motor skills, but also with toilet training problems and other children’s pelvic floor complaints.

How does it work? The pediatric physiotherapist observes the child during play activities and can, if necessary, use measuring instruments to get a picture of the problem. The results are discussed with the child and the parents after the examination. After which a treatment plan is drawn up if necessary.

When to see the pediatric physiotherapist?

Baby time
If your child has a preferred position, cries a lot or overstretches or has problems with rolling over, crawling or walking (gross motor development), the pediatric physiotherapist will provide insight into what you can do as a parent. She will work with you to see which exercises or activities are helpful to stimulate development. In case of excessive crying (excessive crying) and reflux complaints, we will see (in consultation with the doctor) whether there are exercises that can help your child relax more. We look at stimulus processing, but also at muscle tension and sleeping. In principle, infants are treated in the practice, unless there is a referral from the consultation office for treatment at home.

School age
Additional support may be required at various times during school age. For example, with fine motor skills when learning to color, cut or write. Orthopedic complaints are also common. Examples include: Morbus Sever, toe gait and knee pain (such as Osgood Schlatter and jumpers knee etc.). You or the gym teacher may also notice that your child finds it difficult to throw or catch a ball, has difficulty keeping up with gym class or has difficulty learning to ride a bicycle. The pediatric physiotherapist examines the nature and cause of the problem. Based on this, it is determined which treatment is necessary.

To test

The pediatric physiotherapist uses various tests during the examination. For example, the motor skills can be mapped with the Movement ABC-2NL test. We have various small tests for fine motor skills and we also use various questionnaires for sensory processing, such as the Sensory Profile.


In principle, you do not need a referral from your GP. For some conditions, a referral may be required. The pediatric physiotherapist will indicate this. Pediatric physiotherapy is included in the basic package, which means that your health insurer will in principle cover the first eighteen treatments. reimburses.

AVG law

AVG In connection with the AVG law, we are obliged to have both parents sign a consent statement for children under the age of sixteen.


Our branches on the van Hallstraat and on the Wittenkade enable good communication with various general practitioners, paediatricians, consultation bureaus, teachers and/or IB specialists and orthopedagogues in the neighbourhood. Multidisciplinary treatment is regularly provided. This is always in agreement with parent(s) and child.

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